Triple or Nothing with Finger Wraps
Here's an alternate way to do Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple or Nothing. I call this method "Finger Wraps." Instead of the string going around just the left and right index fingers, it goes around your thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky finger. Why would you do it this way? Well, you can dismount it to a Trapeze easier. And once in the Trapeze position you can go into numerous other tricks.

This trick is shown from the top view so pretend these are your hands and you're looking down on them.

Throw a breakaway. Normally you would intercept the string with your left index finger, but we'll do it with the left thumb instead.

It'll now come over your right index finger.

After that it'll go under the right index finger and come back over your left index finger.

It'll make it's way over and under you right index finger again.

After the yo-yo goes under the right index finger for the 2nd time, the string will now be intercepted with your left middle finger.

Aim it to land on the pink string.

It lands on the pink string and you've completed Triple or Nothing.

Of course you can continue to go on and do "Quadruple or Nothing" or "Quintuple or Nothing." You just let it go over your remaining fingers, the ring and pinky finger. Be sure to point your left fingers down so they are out of the way. We'll just stop here since I think you get the idea and I don't want to bore you. By the way, you can also do "Double or Nothing" with this method, just stop after the string wraps around the left index finger and land the yo-yo on the string.

To dismount it to a "Man on Trapeze" all you do is drop the 2 loops of strings that go around you left thumb and index finger. You can finish it off with somersaults, go into some Barrel Rolls or whatever suits your style.

Well that's it. I hope you find some use for it. I'm so use to doing my Doubles, Triples, Quadruples or Quintuples this way that I find it weird and foreign to do it the other way.

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