Secret of the Stars
Here's a creation of mine called "Secret of the Stars." You start it from a front mount and after the "Pull Over" it switches to a side mount the rest of the way.

Begin with a "pull over."

It begins to go over and around your left hand.

After the "pull over" the trick will switch to a side mount position. You want to make the yo-yo land on the string in the same fashion as a reverse "Double or Nothing."

Now that it has landed it looks like this. You're in the reverse "Double or Nothing" position.

We now begin one string split / underpass. Thread the string into the groove of the yo-yo.

After the string split, you'll be in this position.

To better see the trick, we'll switch to a reverse angle view. Make note of the angle view and proceed to the next step.

The second string split is done by threading the string furthest away from you into the groove of the yo-yo.

...continue to thread in the string...

After the underpass, you'll arrive at this position.

Take your right index finger out of the string structure.

Pull the string to cause the yo-yo to do one revolution.

You'll end up here.

Pull the string again to cause another revolution.

Stick out your thumb so the yo-yo can wrap around it.

(Front view) Level your hands and you'll be in the "Man on Trapeze" position.

Do a somersault or two and that completes the trick. Flip the yo-yo in the air and catch it in the hand.

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