Basics of Free Hand Yo-Yoing
The following will go through what is necessary to learn freehand yo-yoing.

Dices are Nice

Get yourself a die. Something like the ones found in a boardgame. My friend just about ripped my head off when she realized what I did with the dice from her "Jem and the Holograms" boardgame. So ask for permission.

The die will basically be used as a counterweight. You don't have to use a die. Anything that weights around 5-10g will be fine. A die weights about 5.3g. I use to use a Kermit the Frog figurine but that was too clunky.


Drill a hole with a 1/8th drill bit. Basically make sure the hole is big enough for the string to go through.


Run the string through the hole you drilled and loop it through the slip knot. Put the string back onto the yo-yo and you're ready for freehand.

Note: The yo-yo I'm using is a Tigershark.

The Wind-up

Wrap the string around your middle finger a few times.

You throw it like a usual onstring throw but being careful not to let go of the die or it'll fly into your television.