Rock the Baby on the Eiffel Tower
I first learned this trick from a description I found on the net. There were no pictures but I managed to accidently get it. This is a very hard trick to describe yet it's very simple to do. I added some extra steps in the process but when you get better, you can skip them. I also changed the way you form the tower and cradle just so it's easier to understand. The outcome of the trick is still the same though. I hope it's descriptive enough. This is the best I could do and the next best thing. The best way to learn this trick is seeing it in action from someone in person.

Throw a trapeze.

Stick your thumb in the loop and make a triangle.

Grap the middle string coming up from the yo-yo with the remaining fingers of your left hand (non-yo-yo hand).

Turn your left fingers like shown in the picture.

Now grab the middle string with your right hand (yo-yo hand) to form another triangle. If you notice you now have a triangle within a triangle. From this point on, we will call the middle the triangle the "small triangle" and the outer triangle the "big triangle."

Pull the small triangle up a bit.

We will now switch to top view. We'll also colour the strings of the diagram to help you better understand. Lift up the right hand (yo-yo hand) so it is level horizontally with the left hand (non-yo-yo hand). This is where you are now.

Let go of the string that forms the "big triangle." It should fall and land on the "small triangle." As you can see it's starting to resemble the Eiffel Tower.

Replace the left middle, ring, and pinky fingers with your left thumb and index finger. Now expand the triangle like so.

To get to this phase you have to lift your right hand up, tilting up the string formation. You're erecting the tower. Now you're basically done. Give it a few rocks. And there you have it, "Rock the Baby on the Eiffel Tower." To release this mess, let go of your left hand. And remember, practice, practice, practice.

If you made it this far, I hope you got the trick. It's recommended that you try this with a dead yo-yo. You will encounter a few problems when doing this trick. Sometimes the yo-yo will catch on the string and start climbing back up. The string might be too tight so loosen it. Use a butterfly yo-yo if you can. And you have to throw a super fast trapeze. The spin of the yo-yo dies a lot faster since there is now more than one string in the slot. By the end of the trick you'll have 3 strings in the slot of the yo-yo rubbing against the sides so it slows it down a lot quicker. You have either work fast or throw the yo-yo a little harder.

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